Is Alpha GPC The Best Choline Source To Use? How does Alpha GPC compare to other Choline supplements добавка cissus the market?

Choline is a water soluble essential nutrient that is closely related to the B-complex vitamin family. It is also a type of phospholipid that makes up cell membranes, especially in brain neurons. As the main precursor molecule to the powerful neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, Choline plays a crucial role in the development and formation of memory along with a number of other cognitive processes. This nutrient is further involved in protecting neurons in the brain and maintaining good brain health. If you are interested in using a Choline supplement to improve your cognitive power, you might have come across Alpha GPC Choline. You will find Alpha GPC in many products like Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs, or you can purchase it independently to use in a nootropic stack with Piracetam, Noopept, or Aniracetam. How does Alpha GPC compare to other choline and Acetylcholine supplements out there?

It has been known for several decades that Choline is an essential nutrient both for the brain and whole body health. This nutrient was first discovered in 1864 by Adolph Strecker and then chemically synthesized two years later. During the early research on insulin, Choline was discovered as necessary to prevent fatty liver conditions, helping to regulate cholesterol levels. It was classified as an essential nutrient by the Food and Nutrition Board of the US Institute of Medicine in 1998. The body is able to create small amounts of choline, but it must also be consumed from foods in order to ensure proper availability.

While it can be found in some types of foods like eggs and beef liver, the amounts are usually quite small. In fact, most people today are deficient in their levels of Choline, making supplementation very important. Choline is important for everyone, but especially pregnant women. Low Choline intake is reported to raise the rate of neural tube defects in infants and may actually impair the memories of children.

Women who consume high levels of Choline have also been shown to have lower risks of breast cancer. One study in rats even found that taking Choline at conception produced offspring with higher intelligence scores. If you have low levels of choline it can lead to problems including liver disease, atherosclerosis, and possibly some forms of neurological disease. It may also increase the levels of specific liver enzymes like ALT. While all of these benefits of choline are no doubt advantageous to your overall health, the main reason that people seek out choline supplements is to increase their intellect and brain capacity. Choline has become particularly popular to use with Piracetam and other Cholinergic racetams because it was discovered to amplify the effects seen with these cognitive enhancers. When using a Piracetam Choline Stack, you may experience significant gains in memory, learning, analytical reasoning, brain energy, focus, and mental fluidity.